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२७ औ साधारण सभा सम्पन्न

इकार्डस् नपालको २७ औ साधारण सभा २०८० श्रावण २७ गते काठमाडौंमा सम्पन्न भएको छ । समुदाय परिचालन, आय आर्जन, कृषि वन तथा प्राकृतिक श्रोत व्यवस्थापन, पूर्वाधार विकास, क्षमता अभिबृद्धि तथा अनुसन्धान क्षेत्रमा विगत ३२ वषदेखि कृयाशिल राष्ट्रिय स्तरको गैरसरकारी संस्थाको रुपमा परिचय बनाउन सफल इकार्डस् नेपालको साधारण सभाको उदघाटन, संस्थाका सस्थापक सदस्य श्री आनन्द प्रसाद पोखरेलले गर्नु भएको उक्त साधारण सभाले संस्थाको आ।व।२०७९÷८० को बार्षिक प्रतिबेदन, आर्थिक प्रतिबेदन र लेखा परिक्षण प्रतिबेदन साथै आगामि आ।व।२०८०÷८१ को बार्षिक बजेट पारित गरेको छ । आगामी दिनमा स्थानीय श्रोत व्यवस्थापन गर्दै समुदायको समुन्नती मार्फत राष्ट्र निर्माणमा अझबढी सकृय हुन नयाँ कार्य समितिलाई निर्देशन दिएको छ ।

Partnership Meeting

Thank you very much Ms. Bunchingiv Bazartseren, Program Management Officer & Task Manager GCF Adaptation, UNEP, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, Thailand for her yesterday’s visit to ECARDS Nepal along with Nepal officials. The meeting was very fruitful for continuation of future partnership between UNEP and ECARDS Nepal. Also, Thankful to founder of ECARDS Nepal Mr. Anand Parasad Pokharel sir for his time for meeting.   


Capacity Building Training

Capacity Building Training of the PC4 Members and Provincial Stakeholders to Integrate CCA into Sub-national Policies/Strategies/Plans and Contribute in NAP Process At Butwal, Surkhet, Dhangadi and Janakpur A joint programme of Ministry of Forest and Environment and UN Environment Programme ECARDS-Nepal is facilitating the Events as service provider organization

Who are we

ECARDS Nepal was founded in 1991 to act as a non-profit, non-governmental, non-sectarian social development organization. It was set up to foster sustainable community development through people’s organization and leadership.

The basic philosophy of ECARDS-Nepal is to create awareness and promote understanding of the dynamics of the development process by empowering the local community.

What we do

ECARDS-Nepal has implemented more than 160 projects in partnerships with different donors and partnersFrom the very beginning, it has covered a wide range of sectors including agriculture, livestock, natural resources/ forestry, rural infrastructure, climate change, education, literacy programme, open defecation free (ODF) campaigns, training, governance, gender mainstreaming/ empowerment, institutional development, etc.

From the thematic perspective as well as the nature of the programme, the following information depicts the broad picture of the projects and activities that ECARDS-Nepal executed since its establishment.

Where We Work

ECARDS-Nepal has experience of programme implementation in all districts of Nepal. The map below shows the coverage by major thematic intervention.