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Mr. Ghan Shyam Awasthi, Senior Agriculture Development Specialist was participated in International Training on Local Economic Activation for Policy Maker and Project Makers in the Asia and Pacific Region is organized by International Urban Training Center (IUTC)/ United Nations Human Settlement Programme (UN HABITAT) in collaboration with Gangwon Province, Republic of Korea from 05-15 April 2016. The main objectives of the course is to provide the participants with basic planning andmanagement tools and techniques to effectively prepare, plan, implement and manage rural-basedeconomic activities to improve quality of life for the people dwelling in the rural communities, alsobenefitting them from the environmental, social, cultural sustainability through their capacityenhancement in achieving the sustainable local economy in an integrated and inclusive way.

It provided more particular focus on identifying practical solutions leading to enhanced quality of life and competitiveness for rural communities through comprehensive introduction and sharing of knowledge, experiences and technology on improving agricultural productivity by greenhouse farming using different technology, which Korea has successfully escaped from the chronologicalpoverty in parallel with the 5 year national economic development plans since 1970s.

The course also exposed different experiences to participants through case studies presentations and practical site visits and projects, thus getting exposed to first-hand project and program experiences and examples of local economic activation in the context of agricultural productivity and income generation.