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Working Approach

ECARDS-Nepal facilitates development programs based on felt needs and availability of resources in communities. The major working areas are rural community development including social and infrastructure development, non-formal education, rural health and sanitation, sustainable agriculture, income generation, micro-enterprises, savings and credit, forest and environment, socio-economic as well as field research, training, workshops and seminars. The role of ECARDS-Nepal is to act as a facilitator in development activities. Increased participation of the people in programs is anticipated through groups in various socio-economic activities.

Thus all the programs are facilitated through the groups and group members are trained in such a way that they could be capable to sustain their activities over time. Linkages of the groups/users are also developed with government and non-governmental organizations. It is taken that after three years of implementation, a capable users’ organization / farmers’ association is established and all activities can be handed over to the same, as a sustainable institution of the community. Further, we also have the approach of concentrating to develop local cadre of human resources for the activities to be implemented in the particular area.