The Successful Journey of ECARDS-Nepal for 30 years has been meaningful, and this uninterrupted journey was possible with the support of hundreds of communities and local social/political leaders. We are very much thankful to them for their continual support. Similarly, we would like to thank different agencies of GoN, donors, projects /I/NGOs that supported and extended their warm arms to jointly undertake more than 165 projects successfully as well as to bring our organization ECARDS Nepal at this stage.

  • Programme Location: Nepal
  • Project Duration : June 2023 December 2023
  • Donor/Partner: UNEP 

Assignment name: Development and Testing of Step-by-Step Guidelines for Integrating Adaptation Priorities into Local Development Planning in Nepal to Inform Nepal’s National Adaptation Plan Process and execution of provincial capacity building events

Approx. value of the contract (in current NRs; US$ or Euro):   NRs 43,952,150.00

Country/Location within country: Nepal,7 Province

Duration of assignment (months): 14

Name of Client: NAP Project Management Unit/UNEP

Address: Babarmahal Kathmandu

Total No. of person-months of the assignment: 30

Start date: 18 March 2021 to Completion date: May 2022

Narrative description of Project: The assignment is to prepare, test and validate a process guidance document to integrate climate change adaptation priorities in regular planning process of the local level. Further, the assignment will support:

  1. To enhance the government’s capacity to integrate NAP medium and long-term, gender- responsive climate adaptation priorities into local level policies, strategies and plans drawing on existing local level development and adaptation planning frameworks.
  2. To develop, test and validate the Step-by-step guidelines on integrating NAP climate adaptation priorities into local development policies, strategies and plans.

To capacitate government staff and CSOs and local communities’ stakeholders (Gender inclusively) on the application of the step-by-step guidelines on integrating climate adaptation priorities in local level policies, strategies and plans.

Description of actual services provided in the assignment:

  • Development of different 3 modules Guideline and its field testing in four local Levels for integration of Adaptation action in Local Level planning
  • Preparation of Local Adaptation Plan of 4 Municipality during the testing of the guideline
  • Organized 5 days capacity building training in all 7 provinces for the Provincial Climate Change Coordination Committee members and stakeholders to Integrate Climate Change Adaptation into Sub-national policies/strategies/plans and contribute in NAP process
  • Facilitate the coordinators conclave/writeshop to prepare the NAP document
  • Organized the NAP validation workshop in three provinces to get feedback on the prepared NAP document


Assignment name: Community Health Support Response to COVID 19, Dolakha

Country/Location : Nepal,  Bigu Rural Municipality Doalkha

Start date: 15 July 2020 to Completion date: 10 November 2020

Approx. value of the services provided by your firm under the contract (in current NRs; US$ or Euro): NRs 2,022,250.00

Narrative description of Project: The project is implemented to support the community in disaster period to support their livelihood and health

Description of actual services provided in the assignment:

  • Capacity enhancement of the health post of two wards in Bigu Rural municipality through providing hygiene and safety kit to Health post, staff and FCHV
  • Awareness training on hand washing and installation of hand washing platform in health post
  • Health and nutrition support to the vulnerable group (old aged population, 1000 golden days women) through food and vegetable seed support including technical support
  • Livelihood support to COVID impacted population (948 HHS) in COVID period
  • Health and vitamin support to 160 COVID 19 vulnerable population and 1000 golden women



Assignment name: Implementation of Post ODF Intervention, Siraha

Country/Location : Nepal, 12 wards from 3 palikas  of Siraha District

Name of Client and Address:  Global Sanitation Fund/UNHABITAT,  Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur

Approx. value of the contract (in current NRs :  NRs 8,659,850.00

Narrative description of Project:

The project has targeted 12 wards from 3 palikas of Siraha district. The overall objective of the Post- ODF intervention is to support the government’s initiatives to execute and operationalize the Total Sanitation Guideline in GSF working Districts through sector coordination and capacity development. Training/ orientation provided to ward secretary, civil society organization, teachers, school management committee, Female community Health Volunteer & civil society organizations. Similarly, facilitation for formulation of district and ward sanitation strategic plan of Siraha district.

Description of actual services provided in the assignment:

  • Formed 15 WASHCC (3 palika level and 12 ward Level)
  • Prepared 15 WASH plan (3 palika and 12 ward level) including DRR component
  • More than 4000 HHs installed hand washing plateform in house
  • More than 1500 HHs converted single pit latrine into double pit for sustainability
  • Awareness raising in three palika based on the total sanitation indicators
  • Developed 22 communities as model community on total Sanitation.


Assignment name: Value chain of Lime and Mandarin

Approx. value of the contract (in current NRs):   NRs 18656036.00

Country/ Location: Nepal,  Lalitpur

Name of Client: Fondazione L’Albero Della Vita Onlus (FADV) Italy

Address:  In Country Nepal

Mr. Biplab Chakrabarty Deputy Country Representative, 

Phone- +91-8100915556,  Email:

Narrative description of Project:

To promote the Value Chain concept by establishing the first segment (Production enhancement and marketing) of the Lime and Mandarin Value Chain in 6 wards of 3 RMs in Lalitpur District. The project will directly benefit a total number of 620 farmers who will receive direct support for value chain development of lime and mandarin. Apart from this, 2491 households will be covered as indirect beneficiaries comprising of 5269 participants (Male: 2780; Female: 2489).

Description of actual services provided in the assignment:

  • Design improved cultivation technology for lime and mandarins at field level.
  • Conducted training and workshop along with exposure visit regarding the capacity development  of farmers on lime and mandarins production technology
  • Distribution of the 11768 sapling to 620 HHs of six wards with supervision
  • Established 3 collection center with co-ordination local government bodies and co-operatives
  • Developed 8 demonstration plots  of Lime and Mandarin farming on farmers field within project site
  • Developed the 1 Screen house nursery with capacity of yearly 2000 sapling production within project site
  • Built the market linkage channel of lime and mandarins with establishment of 21 farmers group and 5 agricultural co-operatives within project site.
  • Develop different IEC materials (Flex, brusher, pamphlet, leaflets) and Book on Citrus Cultivation Technology on Value Chain Project.

Action research on intercropping and slope stabilizing technology.


Assignment name: Rain Water Harvesting and Ground Water Recharge

Country/Location: Nepal,  Kathmandu

Name of Client: Bagmati river Basin Improvement Project/ADB

Address: Guheshwori, Kathmandu

Start date (month/year): Sept  2017 to  Completion date: May  2020

Narrative description of Project: The assignment is being implemented aiming to contribute to increase water flow in Bagmati river through the promotion for installation of rain water harvesting and ground water recharge system in households.

Description of actual services provided in the assignment:

  • Development and implementation of awareness raising activities to promote the rain water harvesting and ground water recharge system installation at HH level in Kathmandu to address the water stress
  • Conducted baseline survey on RWH-GWR
  • Development of design for Rainwater harvesting and ground water Recharge and subsidy scheme aiming to address the water stress
  • Conduction of training to Engineers, plumbers and house wives on rain water harvesting and ground water recharge
  • Promoted 14 demonstration site on Rain water harvesting 
  • Identified interested household for installation of RWH-GWR and promoted the system in 2134 HHs

Assignment name: Capacity Development of Watershed communities in 6 districts of far-western development region

Country/Location: Nepal, Dadeldhura, Baitadi, Bajhang, Doti, Bajura and Achham

Name of Client: Building Climate Resilience of Watersheds in the Mountain Eco-Regions (BCRWME) Project,

Address: Dadeldhura

Start date: 10 April 2016 to Completion date: 9 April 2020

Approx. value of the services provided by your firm under the contract (in current NRs: NRs 29,055,904.00.00

Name of joint venture partner or sub-Consultants, if any: Development Catalyst Nepal (D-CAT Nepal)

Narrative description of Project:

The project was implemented in 6 districts of far-western development region aiming to enhanced the capacity of local community to manage watershed using locally available resources for climate change resilience and DRR

Description of actual services provided in the assignment:

  • Development of training package on integrated watershed management and low-cost bio-engineering (Water source protection and DRR) and Institutional development and financial management and Operation and maintenance/Plumber training to Community Development groups
  • Conduct 78 events of 3 days residential training covering 108 CDGs within the assignment period
  • Conducted 7 days residential plumbing training to 108 CDGs in six districts to develop human resource at local level
  • Accomplished the assigned task by mobilizing 164 person months technical professionals and reporting of the activities to client through computer software


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